Permaculture Internship

We are now accepting applications for our Permaculture Internship program. Two positions are available on a seasonal basis throughout the warmer months. Fall/Winter positions are currently closed. Work with us to tend established forest gardens and learn how to rehabilitate damaged ecosystems on our forest restoration sites.

This year, we’ll be building an earth-sheltered, passive solar, timber frame home on an active reforestation site. Work will also continue on longterm permacultural plans for the Hampton Forest Restoration Project, our clearcut recovery site. This will involve wetland and forest restoration. Additionally,  Throughout the year, we will also be continuing work on established gardens, managing our alpine goat herd, greenhouses, ecological forestry programs, and producing and preserving food and medicines.

Seasonal Positions

Spring: March 15 – June 21

Maple Syrup Making
Greenhouses & Seed Starts
Soil Work (Garden Prep & Compost)
Timber Milling & Carving
Slipform Construction
Goat Husbandry
Cheesemaking, and more…

Summer: June 21 – September 21

Field Crops
Irrigation & Water Catchment/Management
Building Construction (timber frame & slipform masonry)
Foraging & Wildcrafting
Poultry Management
Goat Husbandry
Harvesting & Food Preservation, and more…

Fall: September 21 – December 21

Harvesting & Root Cellaring
Winter Greenhouse Crops
Building Construction (timber frame)
Mushroom & Medicinals Foraging
Herbal Preparations
Seed Saving
Silviculture, and more…

“…exceptionally knowledgeable, an environment that is playful, creative, and evolving.”

“I felt supported in a way that allowed me to let go of what I don’t know and embrace what is possible.”

“The culture at NMP fosters knowledge of relationships to the environment, and to the self, that are unique to the experience. I would return in a heartbeat.”

Chris S, 2020 Intern

Work days generally begin with breakfast at 7:00am, instruction time runs until our mid-day lunch break around noon, with the work day ending around 3:00pm for an average total of 6-hours work per day, five days a week.

In the spirit of our intention to provide quality education in exchange for your time, we are committed to ensuring you are gaining a functional understanding of the work we do together and that your personal learning goals and interests are taken into account.

Many of us here began our journeys through work-away and WWOOFing experiences, and we understand the value that a well-organized, respectful internship can provide.

Meals & Accommodations

Interns are provided with private cabins during their stay. Accommodations include wood stove, propane stove for cooking, compost privy, and bed. Solar device charging and WiFi are available on site. Hot showers are available by request and we often end the day with a swim during the warmer months.

On work days, breakfast and lunch are provided. Breakfast is a good chance to discuss the day’s work ahead. Outside of occasional group dinners, interns are responsible for preparing their own dinners; fresh produce from the farm is seasonally available on a help-yourself basis.

We are a 10-minute drive to town where you can go for additional supplies anytime.

Off the Farm

Weekends are generally down-time and are a great chance to explore all the sweet spots in the area. We’re just up the hill from the Bay of Fundy – a five-minute drive down the mountain. We are also within a short drive of historic Annapolis Royal, with shops, restaurants, museums, public gardens, and the beautiful Annapolis Royal farmer’s market every Saturday morning.

Located within a short distance of Kejimkujik Park, a designated Dark Sky Preserve, many visitors are surprised at the number of stars visible on clear nights. Local hiking and cycling trails, look-off points, waterfalls, and freshwater swimming lakes are all nearby.

If you feel this opportunity would be a good fit for you, please apply below. We look forward to hearing from you!


Positions are flexible but we encourage applicants to commit to seasonal stays as outlined in order to establish yourself here and gain a deeper understanding of seasonal rhythms and workflows on the farm. We are offering three seasonal internship periods, with two positions available per term (couples and friends are welcome to apply together).

Internship Application