Permaculture & Natural Building Workshops

North Mountain Permaculture offers unique and engaging workshops that aim to equip participants with essential skills for living healthy, ecologically-connected lives in a post-industrial paradigm.

We believe hands-on knowledge sharing is the most direct route to developing these skills and building community in the process. Now is the time to find and build our tribes. North Mountain Permaculture provides a meeting place for these tribes to connect and grow, here on the North Mountain and beyond.

Here you will find listings for upcoming courses, and access to selected past courses and learning events. If you have knowledge you wish to share, or have a burning desire to learn a skill that’s not currently on offer, feel free to contact us with a workshop idea as well.

Upcoming Workshops

There are no upcoming courses available at this time.

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Past Courses

Perennial Mushroom Garden How-to
May 2021

Join us for a morning of mushroom gardening as we create ideal mushroom habitat outdoors and inoculate these areas with choice, cold-hearty culinary mushrooms. This workshop will conclude with a fungi-inspired lunch served outside in the gardens.

Pruning Workshop: Heritage Orchard Restoration
April 2021

In this morning workshop we’ll learn how to prune and restore a neglected orchard into a productive fruit forest using simple tools and techniques. This workshop will conclude with lunch inspired by orchard abundance!

PermaCamp 2020
June 2020

Join us on the North Mountain for a four week permaculture certificate course. This one month intensive is packed with hands-on workshops covering everything from earthworks and natural building to wildcrafting and regenerative forestry.

Three-Day Timber Frame Workshop
May 2019

In this three-day workshop, students built a small timber frame cabin from the ground up – designed to illustrate all the essential joinery needed to design and build almost any timber frame building. Through daily classroom instruction and in-the-field, hands-on experience led by seasoned timber frame builder Deryk Eagles, students completed weekend intensive armed with everything they needed to know to begin their own timber frame projects.

Natural Cheesemaking Workshop

Learn with Snow Lake Keep cheesemaker Paul Hoepfner-Homme in this hands-on natural cheesemaking workshop. Learn from an experienced cheesemaker how to prepare and enjoy fresh and aged cheeses. We will also cover the basics of keeping goats for meat and dairy.

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