Art Takes

80-acres of recovering clearcut is your canvas in our unique artist residency program

Art in a Clearcut

North Mountain Permaculture is committed to bringing artists into the fold of everything we do. As part of the remediation of an 80-acre clearcut, artists are invited to weave land-based works into the recovering landscape.

Basalt and granite stone as well as maple, beech, birch and spruce timber salvage are readily available on site. Artists are encouraged to utilize these and other natural materials found on-site. Studio space, accommodation and installation support will be provided. Need space for your creative vision to come to life? Email us with your proposal and join us as a resident artist.

Sculpture Forest

North Mountain Permaculture is actively seeking artists to participate in the restoration of an 80-acre clearcut through our residency program.

Artists are invited to apply to our residency program beginning in Spring 2020. Land-based installation concepts are welcome, particularly those which deal with environmental trauma and recovery, as well as provide direct benefit to the forest recovery efforts by providing wind-breaks, erosion mitigation and interim wildlife habitat.

The Sculpture Forest at North Mountain Permaculture will form around a one-kilometre trail, with views of the Bay of Fundy, winding through the the recovering clearcut. As the forest regenerates, small clearings along the trail will remain open for the display of artist works. Artists may choose to create works that enmesh with the recovery forest in some beneficial way, and in this case, maturing trees may become part of the artwork.

Visitors to the site will be asked for a donation to the artist centre to help fund artist residencies and site maintenance.

All works are to be approved for installation on the grounds of safety and environmental compatibility.

Magnetic Hill Gallery

As part of our timber framing courses, one of the project buildings we will construct is an indoor gallery space for small installation and two-dimensional works. This structure will also house on-site studio space for environmental art classes and artist residencies.


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