The Clearcut Cafe

Don’t you think…

…the North Mountain needs a cafe? We feel like it does. So we’re building one! As construction completes, we are still open for business… by appointment – so long as you don’t mind sipping a cup from the cafe’s official interim thermos and enjoying the bay view ‘en plein air’.

As part of spring and summer natural building courses, a modest timber-frame cafe building will emerge on the clearcut, alongside our bay-view fire pit. Check back here for progress updates. Our intention for this hike-in cafe is to build a gathering place to host small events, provide a ‘seed’ house to help facilitate other infrastructure development, and create a local place to get a good cup’a coffee.

Current Conditions: no roof or walls

Hold your horses! We haven’t even built the foundation yet! Here – watch some Red Green Show to bide your time and check in with us a bit later.