Permaculture design,
natural building &
off grid retreats at
Snow Lake Keep

Natural Building &
Permaculture Design

Whether you’re looking to develop a small homestead site or a large commercial operation, we provide full-scale permaculture and natural building design, site assessments, brownfield remediation planning and more. Put our decades of hands-on experience and the power of Permaculture Design to work for you and bring your dream project to life.

Book a Stay

Check out our unique off-grid cabins and plan your private retreat here at Snow Lake Keep. 140 acres of forest, trails, lakes and waterfalls are yours to explore. Stay in our unique hand-built cottages and take in the ocean views from our hidden mountain valley.

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Our Mission

North Mountain Permaculture was created to provide space to share skills, restore habitats lost to clearcutting, shelter existing habitats from industrial activity, and to strengthen community.

We believe all living things have an inherent capacity to interact in ways that are integral to whole-system health. As humans, we have an opportunity to create ways of living that go beyond ‘sustainable’ – to serve a beneficial role within our ecosystems and rediscover ways of life that are fulfilling, meaningful and ensure our personal wellbeing.