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COVID-19 response

The COVID-19 pandemic is calling much needed attention to the inability of globalized industrial systems to adapt to change and deliver health. While observing mandatory health measures, we believe sharing skills that foster resilience are all the more important in light of our rapidly changing world.

Please be advised of summer 2020 schedule changes and check back for updates to course offerings this fall. All registrants will receive email notification of any changes or cancellations. Wishing you health,

North Mountain Permaculture


PermaCamp 2020

North Mountain Permaculture

Join us on the North Mountain for a four week permaculture certificate course. This one month intensive is packed with hands-on workshops covering everything from earthworks and natural building to wildcrafting and regenerative forestry.

Heal Heal

Full Moon Guided Forest Walk

Foster Lake

Join us on a journey through the wilderness under the light of the full moon. Experience the forest transformed as guide Paul Lalonde leads us beyond the five senses through storytelling and a little bit of magic.


Natural Cheesemaking Workshop

Snow Lake Keep

Learn with Snow Lake Keep cheesemaker Paul Hoepfner-Homme in this hands-on natural cheesemaking workshop. Learn from an experienced cheesemaker how to prepare and enjoy fresh and aged cheeses. We will also cover the basics of keeping goats for meat and dairy.

Our Mission

North Mountain Permaculture was created to provide space to share skills, restore habitats lost to clearcutting, shelter existing habitats from industrial activity, and to strengthen community.

We believe all living things have an inherent capacity to interact in ways that are integral to whole-system health. As humans, we have an opportunity to create ways of living that go beyond ‘sustainable’ – to serve a beneficial role within our ecosystems and rediscover ways of life that are fulfilling, meaningful and ensure our personal wellbeing.